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My Dear Not-Yet-Conceived Baby…

Dear Baby,
I know we haven’t even got you cookin’ in the oven yet so some people may think this is weird but I wanted to get some stuff out of my head and on to paper (even though technically this is not paper).

I’ve been ready for you for a couple years now I guess but my blood sugars weren’t under enough control & your daddy wasn’t ready to have a baby quite yet. So I’ve been waiting. And recently we just bought our first home (you’re going to love it, it’s cozy & has plenty of room for you to crawl & run). This was one of your dad’s pre-reqs to start trying for you. He did not want to be renting he wanted to own our home. Which is understandable.
His other 2 pre-reqs was that we have a fur baby before a real one. Well we’ve got a 7 month old black lab thinking he owns our new house lol. You’ll love him. He’s so friendly & great with kids & will just let you hang on his neck and love him.

The last one was that I get my blood sugars under control & get ‘okays’ from all my doctors. Well my numbers have been under tight control these past few weeks. I’ve gotten my stamp of approval from the eye dr & my endo. So that leaves my family dr & maybe my dentist. I don’t really need the dentists approval as much as I just need a cleaning before you decide to make home in my belly. And I’ve technically already got my stamp from my OB. He just wanted my A1C to be super close to 6.0% & let me tell you I am working my tail off to get it there.

I’ve already got so many ideas for you in my head. Everything from pregnancy, to having you as a newborn & beyond. You’ll learn that your mama LOVES to plan ahead. If we go on vacation I’ve got a packing list started at least 3-4 weeks before we leave & I’m packed DAYS before we go. I’m pretty OCD about it. Lordy I hope you don’t inherit that trait from me lol.

OH but anyways the other day your dad finally told me he was ready for you. He’s ready to have a baby & be a daddy. He also told me I should probably go off my birth control next month!!! I’m so excited. I hope my labs come back okay the next time I have them in a couple weeks so we can start trying for you really really soon.
I know you’re not there yet but I love you so much already/anyways. I can’t wait to find out you’re there with me.

Your Future Mom


About samanthaowen07

Hi I’m Samantha! I’m 27 years old & have had Type 1 Diabetes since March 1995. I'm the mother to 2 wonderful, healthy, beautiful little ones, and have been married to my best friend since 2007.

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