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Went all day yesterday with the runny nose, cough, sneezing, headache, etc. Woke up this am to a low grade fever, and the cough is moving a little farther down into my chest. Yay for a sinus infection!!! I get these frequently (thanks dad for your loverly allergies :)) so I’m not really freaked out or anything, still went into work today even though I seriously could be in bed right now resting my sickly self. It’s just annoying because my blood sugars suffer.

The highest it’s gotten today is 215 (so far) but I’m checking more frequently so hopefully I’ll be able to keep them somewhat stable. They seem to be hovering around the 140’s, so I guess it could be worse.

On happier notes, I’m starting back at the gym tomorrow (granted this sinus infection doesn’t get worse) so I’m really excited about that. Here in good ole WNC it’s just been so freaking hot and I’ve not really done anything. So I’m just joining for a month to get me through this last part of summer. And I really need it becuase apparently I’ve gained 3 lbs. Ick.

Also…My blood sugars (other than today) have been doing so good. I’ve been working so so hard. My last A1C about 3 weeks ago was 8.76. I’ll get it checked again at the end of August when I go to the endo. But I feel, for the first time EVER, that pregnancy might actually happen for me. It’s the best feeling. I need my A1C to be a 6.0 and I know 8.76 is a little far from there…but I feel like I can do it. I feel like it’s really possible that later this year all (4 of) my doctors will give me the green light to get pregnant, prego, knocked up, up the duff, however you want to put it. And while that feeling makes me so so happy and just keeps me motivated to keep working hard, it also makes me extremely nervous.

I know when I get that big green light part of me will be like ‘whoa. really? i can really go do this? i can have a baby??’ and it just makes me go ohmigosh. Because while I’ll be under control & safe I’ll still be very scared. What if this happens to me, what if the baby isn’t healthy, what if something goes weird with my eyes or kidneys, what if they baby has to come premature, what if the baby gets diabetes…

So I’m trying right now to do a lot of branching out and talking to other type 1 mom’s to try and help ease my mind. And when it does happen I’m just going have to take a few minutes to push diabetes completely from my mind and just think about the fact that I’ll be pregnant and I’m going to be a mom; and just enjoy that for a few minutes before diabetes brings me back to reality.

Well time to get back to work I guess. As much as I can do in this sneezy, coughy, state. 🙂


About samanthaowen07

Hi I’m Samantha! I’m 27 years old & have had Type 1 Diabetes since March 1995. I'm the mother to 2 wonderful, healthy, beautiful little ones, and have been married to my best friend since 2007.

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  1. Hi,I saw your comment on DiabetesMine praising my book and wanted to say thanks! I really appreciate it–good luck with everything!–CherylBalancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes


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