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dreary but pleasant monday :)

The weather here today was really dreary & yucky but I didn’t let it ruin my monday!!! First, I started off with a GREAT breakfast. Omg, I have a new love in my life. Last week I tried Aaron’s whey vanilla protein powder & I have to say while it wasn’t awful…it wasn’t THAT great either. So yesterday at the store I bought myself my own little thing of protein powder:

It’s Muscle Milk Chocolate Protein Powder & it is DELISH!!! emoticon
I gulped that thing down!!! So for breakfast I had one scoop protein powder mixed in one cup of milk along side a banana 🙂 It’s a meal replacement shake & it did it’s job & kept me full for a few hours until it was time for mid-morning snack.

I just bought eggs at the store to use for my breakfast so I can’t have my loverly protein powder every morning 😦 But I could always use it to sub for lunch or dinner here & there 🙂 I’m telling you guys this stuff is SOOOO GOOD!!! Anyways…

I also had to go to the dentist this am & believe me when I say I’m tErRiFiEd of the dentist. No joke. I’ve cried several times in that chair not out of pain, but out of anxiety. It’s just one of those weird phobia’s I guess. Today wasn’t too bad (just 1 filling) & my dentist is really (cute &) sweet emoticon He always pats me on the shoulder & asks how I’m doing, asks if I need to take a break. He’s really good. So I just brought my i-pod with my plugged it up & tried to tune him out lol. Also, if you get lucky enough, my dentist office is on the 3rd floor of a business office & has ceiling to floor windows in the ‘rooms’. & today I snagged one!!! Even with the dreary weather the view was really pretty!!! ——>

*snapped this with my cell phone. i love living in the mountains*

So I had a really pleasant visit at the dentist (had a blood sugar drop ick) & then headed back to work. After carefully eating lunch with my new filling lol, one of my first patients after lunch was the CUTEST little 4 year old. He had a little ear ache & cough, but omg. He told me everything I needed to know about him not feeling good & then some. 🙂 🙂 For example I asked him if his head hurt him at all & he replies by saying ‘only when I bump it!’ I laughed & said yes, that would hurt your head & he said ‘oh, only a little’ :). He talked to me about everything!!! He was afraid of the little heart rate monitor I wanted to put on his finger so of course I did it, his mom did it, then I let him thoroughly inspect it so he would know it wouldn’t poke him before he settled on letting me put it on his finger. This little dude had me rolling. emoticon

Got out of work & it was snowing/raining which meant no walk/run today :(. But mom & I did a kickboxing video which was really fun & gave me a good workout. Then I come home & my hubby has dinner cooked for me!!!—->


So I still need to do a little more exercise before bed, take some ibuprofen for my itty bitty toothache from my filling….but all in all I had a REALLY great day 🙂 Just wanted to share!!! Oh & now I’m listening to one of my favorite songs!! Rick Springfield will brighten up any day emoticon


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Hi I’m Samantha! I’m 27 years old & have had Type 1 Diabetes since March 1995. I'm the mother to 2 wonderful, healthy, beautiful little ones, and have been married to my best friend since 2007.

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