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thoughts of durham….. :)

So back in November my mom & I went to Durham, NC to see Celtic Thunder in concert šŸ™‚ Best trip I’ve taken in a long long time!!! We decided to decorate our car before we headed out:

All decorated up we started the 4-5 hour drive across the state to Durham. We always have fin on road trips…we sing & dance & laugh & take pictures & talk a lot & make fun of everything (chip!!). This was however my first trip to downtown Durham. I’ve been to Duke University before but never the city itself. OMG…There’s honestly not much there…seriously like squat. Yet I don’t know why but I have fallen in love with this city people.

They still have all their old buildings. They’ve not torn them town, just refurbished them & use them for offices & such. Also, you can walk EVERYWHERE!! Mom & I drove to our hotel and that was about it. We walked everywhere from there. To lunch, the DPAC, sight seeing…it was all done on foot & I loved every minute of it šŸ™‚ So first thing was first – go to will call & pick up our tickets!!!

From there we weren’t sure what to do. We’ve never been here before. So the man at will call told us if we went across the street we’d run into the America Tobacco Campus. It’s an old Tobacco Mill that again, they haven’t torn down, just refurbished & restored it so now it houses shops, stores, Burt’s Bees, & restaurants. Sooo amazing!!! I loved that place!! Almost everything from the old mill is still there!! So we walked around a little & decided to eat at Tyler’s for lunch.

Loved Tyler’s. Next time I’m having a beer there. I just have to lol. From there we just walked around Durham for a little while. It was really nice out, & it felt really good just to be able to walk to all these places. So all of a sudden mom’s like “There’s Keith!!!” turns out my favorite band member Keith Harkin was just skateboarding around Durham. Unfortunately he was too quick on his board for me to snap a picture of him but I DID get to see him so that in itself was awesome to me. So mom & I decided to follow him back to the DPAC haha. We found their tour buses on the other side of the center which was cool b/c had we not been walking//stalking we never would have found it & this next moment would have never happened. While I watched Keith skate out of sight *sigh* mom’s like “I’m going to get a picture of the buses” I said okay & went to sit in front of the center around the corner.

Out of the corner of my eye I see this man walking that looks like George Donaldson. I turn & look & it really looks like him. But of course I’m one of those people & I’m like “No….No that wasn’t him”. About 2 minutes later my mom comes busting around the corner FREAKING OUT. I run to her & she’s like “I JUST GOT TO MEET GEORGE!!!” who is her favorite. She pulls me around & while I didn’t get a picture or shake his hand or anything I got to meet him too. Very Cool.

Turns out ALL of them went for a walk around Durham!!! I’m pretty sure we passed Damian somewhere but idk. It was still cool to see the 2 of them just walking around. So after all the excitement we decide it’s time to go back to the hotel & chill until the concert.

*view from our hotel room at sunset*

After getting ready we of course, walk, to the DPAC. We buy a bunch of souvenirs before we go sit down for the show. While walking across the lobby we get to see not only Keith again but Ryan Kelly too, both getting out of a meet & greet. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ The guys in the seats next to me were amazing. Brothers Andy & Johnny. They had brought their mom to the show & I had a great time sitting next to them. We sang, laughed, clapped, just had a great time throughout the show.

We couldn’t take pictures but I found this one online. This is the (not the exact but the same) concert we saw šŸ™‚ And we were SO close to the stage (mom snapped this with her cell phone pre-concert):
Literally, not joking, we could see their SWEAT!!! It was AWESOME!! After the show we walked back to our hotel where we stayed up for forever b/c we were just still so excited & couldn’t believe we got to see CT live & up close.

It’s one of those ‘check it off the bucket list’ moments & it was amazing.

I’ve got a million pictures that I took there, these just helped highlight the story lol. Don’t know why I posted this blog. I really want to go back to Durham & I guess I was just reminiscing emoticon Thanks for listening!!!

OH!!! & here’s our swag!! I got a shirt, mom got a cd (we lost it originally lol) we both got programs, & a celtic thunder bag to put our stuff in šŸ™‚


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