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friends & family friday!!

Diabetes in my family….I do know that my great uncle died from diabetes complications. He drank a lot of alcohol & did not take care of himself. But this was long before I was born. My mom is the only other one with diabetes. She was diagnosed after I was. First it was type 2, then it moved on to type 1.

Now as her endocrinologist calls it, she’s a hybrid. They don’t know why, but sometimes diet & exercise alone will keep her sugars in check & other times she needs insulin. I know diabetes does have some genetic components, but I can’t really see it in my family. I do sometimes worry that if I have kids they’ll get it. I’ve looked at the statistics & everything & while the chances aren’t that high. I don’t think it’ll at all stop me from having kids as long as I get the ok from my doctors first.

But even if my child does get diabetes, they’ll have someone there who’s been through it & is going through it. They won’t be alone like I was. I’ll be there advocate & I’ll be taking shots & checking my blood sugar right there along with them. 🙂 🙂 


About samanthaowen07

Hi I’m Samantha! I’m 27 years old & have had Type 1 Diabetes since March 1995. I'm the mother to 2 wonderful, healthy, beautiful little ones, and have been married to my best friend since 2007.

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